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  1. Reptiles and amphibians held in captivity shall be housed under conditions which are humane, safe, and healthy.
  2. Housing conditions shall meet all the following requirements:
  1. Enclosures shall be designed to:
    1. Provide appropriate lighting, temperatures, humidity and clean water to meet the physical requirements of the reptile or amphibian;
    2. Keep the reptile or amphibian in complete and continuous captivity;
    3. Restrict the entry of unauthorized persons or predatory animals;
    4. Provide sufficient fresh food and clean water to fulfil the reptile or amphibian's dietary requirements and present the food and water in a manner compatible with the captive's particular eating habits, and;
    5. Minimize any potential danger to humans;

  2. Enclosures shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and good repair;
  3. Equipment shall be available for proper storage and disposal of waste material to control vermin, insects, and obnoxious odours;
  4. Effective measures shall be provided to prevent and control infection and infestation of disease, parasites, or vermin;
  5. Adequate shelter shall be provided for the comfort of the animal and, where necessary, for the isolation of diseased reptiles or amphibians, and;
  6. Reptiles or amphibians which are housed together shall be in compatible groups without overcrowding;
  7. Reptiles or amphibians which are offered for sale shall be correctly labelled and described with both a common name (if available) and a scientific name;
  8. Reptiles or amphibians shall, where sold, be accompanied by a basic information sheet which shall include the animal's essential housing requirements, dietary requirements and any other information deemed relevant;
  9. Captive-bred and wild-caught animals shall clearly and accurately be labelled as such.