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Depending on location, membership costs vary. Please consult the online membership system, or the mail-in membership form for for further details.

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Why join the Tortoise Trust?

There are many tortoise and turtle societies and clubs, but Tortoise Trust is different. We have an enviable record of pioneering original research in this field, and of developing and publishing methods and information that have quite literally changed the way people keep chelonia throughout the world. From the early 1980's onwards, Tortoise Trust has led the way in the field of tortoise and turtle husbandry. Our work on diet and disease prevention, on taxonomy, and on captive breeding technologies have had a tremendous impact - and to this day we continue to actively research even better methods of husbandry. As a Tortoise Trust member, you are contributing to this effort, and you will be among the first to be able to take advantage of it.


Our quarterly newsletter.


Members of the Tortoise Trust receive our regular NEWSLETTER and are also entitled to special offers on books, videos and other goods. By joining the Tortoise Trust you help us to continue our work on behalf of tortoises world wide - and you also guarantee that you will always have a reliable source of help and information whenever you need it.