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Tortoise Trust Field Trips

Participating in a well-organized field trip is maybe the most rewarding way to combine a vacation with learning about chelonians. Even though studying captive animals will acheive a lot of education, there is no substitute for the understanding brought on by studying wild turtles and tortoises in their natural environment.

Studying tortoises in Tunisia

Atlas Mountains - Morocco

South Morocco, Arid habitat

Testudo hermanni hermanni in Italy

We have run trips to:

  • Galapagos Islands
  • Morocco
  • Tunisa
  • Turkey
  • Italy

With each trip we try to set specific research goals. Even if you do not have previous experience, you will be able to participate in this as detailed instruction will be given. The only real requirement is that you must be reasonably fit as these trips do involve a considerable about of hiking through often quite hot and challenging environments.

These trips are run on a non-profit basis

Full details of all trips will be in our print edition and new E-Newsletters.