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In this section, you will find documents related to the campaigns that The Tortoise Trust has initiated or actively participates in:

Pet Store awareness campaign
Tortoise Trust Proposed Pet Store Guidelines
Tortoise Trust Policy on Conservation and Humanitarian Issues

Ethical issues in conservation and rescue

Proposed Ethical Guidelines - A discussion document

Walmart - selling turtles in China?

What is going on in China with Walmart

Conservation matters
Report on inspection visit to Saiyyida Aisha market, Cairo, June 1997

Human consumption of turtles
Preliminary Report on the Status and Origins of Turtles sold in CA food markets with Observations on the Environmental Impact Potential of the Trade.

The illegal trade in pet tortoises

The great 'captive-bred' and CITES certificate deception; essential reading if you wish to buy a tortoise.

Neglect and abuse in zoos

We have long campaigned for better conditions in zoos and our policy of highlighting the worst cases has already led to vast improvements being made by some institutions.

Sadly, others still need to do more!

A detailed report on the highly disturbing conditions we found when we made a surprise inspection visit to the so-called 'Long Island Reptile Museum'.  This report is in Adobe PDF format and contains graphic images of tortoises and iguanas in very poor conditions. We found the conditions there extremely unsatisfactory, and we call upon members and the general public to campaign for changes.  It is quite a large download at 950 Kb.

Download the report